Corner Talk, September By Danny Hoch ©1994

corner talk, september

1. I came out the subway and i was eatin’ a bagel. i look up, and at first i was like- -Man, where the fuck they get these pilots at, man? Then it was like– boom- some illuminati-nostradamus-dionne warwick type shit, bee. I just started runnin’. All the way to the Bronx. Shook.
I didnt even look back.

2. my cousin was on the 90th floor and got out. /Word? My ex-girl was on the 61st floor. we aint heard from her still. that’s the girl i was gonna marry yo. Pst..How was you gonna marry her but she’s your ex? I know she’s my ex, but still, we were gonna get married before, i’m saying though. I cant even think.

3. hey yo, i rented the siege last nite son. i swear to my mother george bush is quoting bruce willis from the siege son. they had rounded up all the arabs and put em in some sprung shit, you know like internment camps in brooklyn, and i swear to my grandmother kid, bruce willis said, “make no mistake, we will hunt them down, and find them, and we will wipe out evil in the world.” Rent that shit son! george bush said that shit yesterday! He think he in a movie son! George Bush think he fuckin bruce willis. He think colin powell is denzel washington. That shit is fucking crazy son.

4. yo man, i got a petition in my email. you know, one of those- stop bush from bombing the world type-emails. 60,000 people signed it by the time it got to me. i was scrolling that shit down for like a hour and 20 minutes. but half the people signed it anonymous. theyre scared a’ aol!

What? motherfuckers better be. AOL/COINTEL…

I don’t know to be scared some religious fanatic’s gonna bomb my starbucks or one of these flag-waving nutsos is gonna bomb ME for speakin my mind.

Right? these flag heads is crazy son. i was talkin to this chinese cat that just came here on vacation last week, he thought it was fuckin fouth of july kid. people actin all patriotic.

you wasnt patriotic when they was shootin amadou 41 times or was you?

you wasn’t patriotic when they was shovin a broom handle in abner louima’s ass
or when they was chokin anthony baez to death

or when we was bombing vieques or buying israel 7000 brand new torture kits, or bombing 200,000 iraqui civilians, or bombin everybody in the motherfuckin world thats poor and brown-skinned

or was you?
or was you just… shook?

5. hey yo- but i aint scared yo, i aint scared. people on my block was already threatening to kill me man.

what? my block already look like a plane hit it.

hey yo. but i dont understand kid, if it was four motherfuckers with box cutters on a plane, and I’M on the plane, i’ma have to get cut or… somebody gonna have to get cut up on some pizza type shit. cause i aint goin out like that son. they say you cant bring knifes on planes now? i’ma bring a stick next time yo. somebody try to hijack the plane I’M on, they gonna catch multiple bumps kid. hard wood.

you know that hard wood they make fancy chairs out of. i’m go to macy’s furniture department, or fuck it, i’ma go to huffman koos

and take a leg off of one of them expensive chairs, you know them overpriced shits they be sellin for a thousand dollars, cause they had to go to brasil and kill the rainforest for that shit.

i’ma take a leg off that shit and fly anywhere. i’ma fly to fuckin idaho. or oregon or some shit. and watch. let some motherfucker even say some shit to me son. cats is catchin bumps kid. everybody in my aisle, i don’t even care. like WHAT.

and tomorrow’s october 1st, but for real, i aint scared yo.